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Cub Scout Pack 41
(Pine Bush, New York)
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Summer camping is available to registered cub scouts in three varieties...

Each is run by well-trained, screened individuals and hosts relevant scouting activities.

Day Camp

5 days in a local park, run by the council and district. Different locations on different weeks.

Click for pics 


Mamamkating Day Camp August 2010 






Resident Camp

4 and 6 day overnight camping, complete with dining hall meals. Held at council owned camps.






Parent/Son and Family Weekends

2 or 3 day stays, complete with dining hall meals. Held at council owned camps.

click here for June 2010 pics 

June 2010 Pics

Note that this is in addition to the pack campout.

Day Camp

Chester Day Camp
7/16/2012 to 7/20/2012

Matamoras Day Camp
8/6/2012 to 8/10/2012

Day Camp
8/13/2012 t0 8/17/2012

Event / Camping Opportunities

    May June July Aug Sept Oct
1   Tu   Fr Drive in Movie Su     We     Sa   Mo  
2   We   Sa   Mo     Th     Su   Tu  
3   Th   Su flag day Tu     Fr Pack 41 Camp   Mo labor day We  
4   Fr   Mo   We independence day Sa Pack 41 Camp   Tu   Th $70
5   Sa Move up day Tu   Th $125   Su Pack 41 Camp   We   Fr Akelaland
6   Su   We   Fr Nooteeming Webelos   Mo     Th   Sa Akelaland
7   Mo   Th   Sa Nooteeming Webelos Fishing Circleville Tu     Fr   Su Akelaland
8   Tu   Fr   Su Nooteeming Webelos   We     Sa   Mo  
9   We   Sa Relay for Life Mo     Th     Su   Tu  
10   Th   Su   Tu     Fr     Mo   We  
11   Fr   Mo   We     Sa     Tu   Th  
12   Sa   Tu   Th     Su     We   Fr  
13   Su mom's day We   Fr     Mo bible school (evening) Day Camp Mamakating Th   Sa  
14   Mo   Th   Sa     Tu bible school Day Camp Mamakating Fr   Su  
15   Tu   Fr   Su     We bible school Day Camp Mamakating Sa   Mo  
16   We   Sa Aerodrome Mo     Th bible school Day Camp Mamakating Su   Tu  
17   Th $27+$12 Su dad's day Tu     Fr bible school Day Camp Mamakating Mo   We  
18   Fr MTC-JAMBO Mo   We     Sa Rodeo   Tu   Th  
19   Sa MTC-JAMBO Tu   Th     Su     We   Fr  
20   Su MTC-JAMBO We Renegades Fr     Mo     Th $70 / $45 Sa  
21   Mo   Th $125 Sa High Point Hike   Tu     Fr BEACHJAM Su  
22   Tu   Fr Nooteeming Su     We     Sa BEACHJAM Mo  
23   We   Sa Nooteeming Mo     Th $125   Su BEACHJAM Tu  
24   Th   Su Nooteeming Tu     Fr Nooteeming   Mo   We  
25   Fr   Mo   We     Sa Nooteeming   Tu   Th  
26   Sa   Tu   Th     Su Nooteeming   We   Fr  
27   Su   We    Fr     Mo     Th $NA Sa  
28   Mo mday parade Th   Sa     Tu     Fr   Su  
29   Tu   Fr    Su     We     Sa   Mo  
30   We    Sa   Mo     Th     Su   Tu  
31   Th       Tu     Fr         We  
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