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Troop 68 History


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T-68 Eagle Scouts 1958 - present 
Troop 68 Eagle Scout pictures, 1958 - 2013

Troop 68 Eagle Scout list 1958-2010 | Troop 68 rosters 1958-2010

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Our Patrols

Currently, Troop 68 operates with four Scout Patrols and one Adult Patrol.  We will have 40 Scouts registered as of 1 Jan 17.

Our Old Fossils Patrol is the adult leadership of the Troop
  • The Old Fossils
    • 2 Eagle Scouts (SM Steve Kennedy, ASM Kelly Smith)
    • 6 Wood Badge Trained Scouters (SM Steve Kennedy, CC Jeffery Karhoff , CM Ernie McCallister, ASM Kelly Smith, ASM Wendi Ganger, ASM Dirk Yamamoto)
    • 10 Assistant Scoutmasters
Our four Scout patrols are:
  • The Mario Bros Patrol
    • The Patrol Leader for the Mario Bros is Trevor R.
  • The Spartan Patrol
    • The Patrol Leader for the Spartans is Trevor G.
  • The Coyote Patrol
    • The Patrol Leader for the Coyotes is Noah B.
  • The Lightning Patrol
    • The Patrol Leader for the Lightnings is Cody G.