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Every Boy Deserves a Trained Leader - please read

Lincoln Heritage Council  

The Lincoln Heritage Council encourages and supports its volunteers in becoming fully trained to ensure that our youth are having a great Scouting experience. Our council also requires that ALL Direct Contact Leaders are TRAINED

What Makes a Trained Leader?
  • The Archdiocese of Louisville requires that all employees or volunteers who have regular contact with children or youth are required to participate in one of the Safe Environment Training Workshops. (required only once)
  • BSA Youth Protection Training is required to be taken every 2 years
  • BSA Job Specific Training for your position (in person or online)
  • Pack 765 offers a "New Leader Workshop" for all incoming leaders. Not required, but highly detailed with regard to "how it all works" and "how do I get started".
Info for attending all of these classes is listed here in the Training pages. If you have any questions about classes, training schedule or any other concerns, please contact Pack Trainer Karen Thorne via the Adult Search link on the left side menu.

For the most current BSA information, additional details, and registration visit our council’s website or contact the Scout Office.
Lincoln Heritage Council
PO Box 36273
Louisville, KY 40233
(502) 361-2624 – FAX (502) 361-7899

BSA Job Specific Classes

See the Council website for details regarding these training opportunities:

CUB SCOUTING - Job Specific
* You can take Job Specific Training on-line, but if you are new to Scouting, it is very helpful to take the training in-person.

Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation(BALOO)
* Required Training for at least 1 adult for Pack camping trips

Webelos Leader Outdoor Training
* Great for Webelos leaders

and many others!!!

Archdiocese of LVL Safe Environment Training

Training Schedule

See this website for training schedules:

* Please note that due to workshop content, children are not allowed.