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Sea Scout Program

Advancement:  Sea Scout Advancement is a four step process:  Apprentice, Ordinary, Able, and Quartermaster.  The program is designed to maximize adventure, leadership, and life preparation with solid maritime experience.

Adventure:  In Sea Scouts, our best program adventure is in, on, around, and under the water.  Sailing, scuba diving, and water sports are regular parts of our program.  We also have long cruise opportunities on the Mighty Missouri River, boating and sailing on local lakes.  Anyone want to take a powerboat trip from Kansas City to Baton Rouge, or go fishing on Lake Michigan for a week?  How about a trip to the Galveston Sea Star Base?

Opportunities:  Keep your eyes and ears open for additional achievements like the William T. Hornaday program, the Sea Scout Marksmanship program, the Small Boat Handler course, and so much more!

Trail to Eagle:  Scouts who have earned the rank of First Class may continue the trail to Eagle Scout and are strongly encouraged to do so.  Our experienced scouting leaders will help you every step of the way.

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