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Uniforms can be purchased at the scout shop, or if you are thrifty you can hunt them down at second hand shops, eBay, and Craig's list. 
The pack is starting up a used uniform donation bin as well, so ask leaders if you need help obtaining a uniform we don't have very much at the moment, but we will help if we can.  (see uniform tab for pack uniform details and requirements)

How much is it?


  • A basic Cub Scout uniform starts at about $90 and can increase depending on the young boy’s size and preferences (i.e. long or short sleeved shirt).
  • For example, sells the shirts for $25 each.

Accessories Price
Belt $5 to $10
Cap $10 to $20
Neckerchief $5 to $10
Shirt $20 to $30
Slide $3 to $7
Shorts $15 to $25
Socks $4 to $8

Read more:

This list for uniforms does NOT INCLUDE the patches needed for the uniform these will run you about $15. Pack 161 does not require uniform pants. Nice jeans/shorts no holes or blue pants/shorts from school uniforms are perfectly acceptable.(see uniform tab for help on what to buy)

Dues are an essential part of any pack. Without them we could not fund the multitude of activities and awards the scouts take part in.  

Pack 161 dues are as follows:

Membership dues:
$133 Scouts
$33 Adult leaders

Activity expenses per year:

Campouts- $40 per campout two times a year Fall / Spring (plus cost of personal gear for family)
Winter Celebration- $5-10 gift for exchange plus bring cookies to share
Pig-out -desserts for campouts bring a dessert to share (cost is based on dessert  preference)
We attend various outings thorough the year that range from free to $50 we will inform the cost of certain events as they come up.


Our pack participates in many fundraisers during the year. Our two biggest ones are:

Popcorn Sales
Camp cards

Popcorn Sales are vital in that it brings in immediate revenue for the pack for our start of the year events. ALSO, it is vital for scouts in that it has the potential to pay off your dues.

Sales incentives are as follows:

$500+ in sales = NO DUES
$250 in sales = 1/2 dues
less than $250 = full $100 dues

If you sell one item your scout will earn the popcorn patch. The fundraiser itself has incentive items as well. Information will be available soon.

The more you sell the more programs we can offer your youth!!!!!

Camp card program helps your scout pay his way for summer camp program expenses. We will hand out card batches in bundles of 25 cards. Again the more you sell, the more money your scout will have to pay off Twilight camp(s) or Webelo Woods camp.

The nice thing about this fundraiser is that the buyer gets an immediate return on their investment, and has the potential to "earn" money from the many special discount offers on the card.

The pack will have many opportunities to sell cards at various locations. You may also sell door to door with your scout. Many youth have success taking the cards to offices, places of worship, Gyms, and of course family and friends.

We wish you success in your endeavors and thank you for helping pack 161 and most importantly your scout!