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I understand that my attitude and behavior are critical to the success of activities, meetings and trips.

Therefore, for the good of the trip as well as my fellow group members, I agree and
abide by the following:

1. I will try to be sensitive to the needs of each group member.
2. I will respect the places and the people with whom I come in contact.
3. I understand that the use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs will not be tolerated, and that usage during the trip will result in expulsion from activities, meetings and trips.
4. I will be responsible for my personal belongings and equipment and will not hold the Girl Scout Council responsible for their loss or damage due to my negligence or neglect.
5. I will follow safety rules and procedures to ensure my safety as well as that of my peers.
6. I understand that if I am sent home early due to any serious misconduct.

Girl Scout Parent /Guardian Code of Conduct

Parent /Guardian Code of Conduct

As a parent or guardian of a Girl Scout, I will:

• be respectful toward others at all times
• make sure that my daughter is dropped off and picked up on time when attending Girl Scout activities and troop meetings
• communicate with troop leader(s) or others as needed
• accept active role in my daughter’s Girl Scout Leadership Experience
• refrain from behavior that may undermine the leadership of a Girl Scout activity/event or troop/group/series
• attend required parental meetings
• be prepared for activities and submit requested permission slips, dues and materials in a timely manner
• follow safety guidelines for activities
• support my daughter’s participation in product sales

Failure to comply with the Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct may limit participation in Girl Scout activities for you and your daughter.

Parent Promise

                                    PARENT PROMISE

On my honor, I will try to encourage and support my Girl Scout daughter. To help her troop at all times. And to obey the Girl Scout Parent's Law.


                                        PARENT LAW

A Girl Scout parent . . . Understands the true purpose of Girl Scouting. Gets her daughter to and from meetings on time. Knows a troop is a team effort. Sees the job through to the end. Sets a good example at all times. Is enthusiastic and cheerful. Does not consider the leader a baby-sitter. Brings troop problems to the leader first. Always does his or her part willingly. Is aware that Girl Scouting is for all girls.