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2019 Summer Camp Information

BSA Summer Camp is at Council Boy Scout Camp, Camp Sequassen inNew Hartford, CT. We will be attending week #7 August 11-17th. We will begin collecting summer camp registration, payments and health forms at the troop meetings.


Type Amount
Boy Scout Resident Camp (with CT Yankee Troop) $470 ($455 if paid in full before April 15, 2019)
Provisional or Out of Council Scouts


$470 ($455 if paid in full before April 15, 2019)
Second Week or Second Family Member $430 ($415 if paid in full before April 15, 2019)
Additional Fee for Participation in:

Discover Adventure Program (Scouts 14 and up)

Eagle Week Program

SCUBA merit badge (not offered all weeks)

$50 (added to appropriate base fee)

$40 (added to appropriate base fee)

$275 (added to appropriate base fee)

Adult Fee $115 (Two adult leaders free with 10 Scouts. One additional leader free with each additional 10 Scouts.)
Unit Deposit $200
Daily Rate $90 per day Mon-Fri,

$40 Saturday or Sunday
  You may review more information regarding summer camp:


1. Full payment, less any fundraising contribution per each scout(if any). A parent must sign a form authorizing use of scout funds for Camp Sequassen.

2.     Complete Merit Badge (MB)Registration Form and review criteria for eligibility:

·First year scouts attending SummerCamp- CompleteWilderness Patrol Form

·LOBO Patrol (14 years and older)- earn MBs with high adventure activities.

·Eagle Program (13 yo and older w/Star or Life Ranks)- Once registered, will receive an email for CT Yankee Council with the Eagle WeekProgram Merit Badge form after fees are collected.

·STEM (Technology MBs), LifeguardingMB, Scuba Diving MB or Counselor in Training- see me for more information

·CIT Application Form- for scouts 15 years and older interested in becoming a camp counselor at Camp Sequassen; this is a 2 week training and additional fees outside of Troop 428 selected week

3All scouts and adults attending Summer Camp need a current  BSA Health Form. If any area of the form is not completed, your scout will not be able to participate in Summer Camp. We would like to save you an extra trip to Camp Sequassen if the form is not completed in its entirety. Please ensure the following:

·The health form needs to be completed (all areas), signed (not stamped),& dated.

·In addition, a copy of both sides of the scout's insurance card must be submitted w/the health form.

·Physical must be current this year; dated & signed from August 11, 2018. Any physicals after 7/10/19 will need to be brought to Summer Camp by a parent on Aug 11th and given to Nurse Dave for review. Scouts cannot participate in activities until Health Forms are approved by Nurse Dave.

Contact me if there are any questions or if you need assistance with the forms at the meetings. Please note- ALL FORMS and updated information are located below. Print and complete forms. Laura and I will be collecting them at the meetings.

Thank you,

Sandy Fillion

Troop428 Secretary

SummerCamp Coordinator


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Health Form.pdf  

Summer Camp: re- Camp Info

Pre-Camp Update:


Scouts can arrive between 12:00 noon and 1:00 PM Sunday for camp check in. When you arrive, go straight to Northrup campsite Once we are all accounted for at our campsite, we will proceed to orientation at the waterfront and dining hall.


Scouts should travel in Class A uniforms, which will also be worn to dinner each evening. Please remember the full uniform including neckerchief, slide or toggle, and green or khaki shorts and belt. Class B uniforms (Scout T Shirt and shorts with belt) are fine for all other times, except waterfront, where a bathing suit and towel are required.  Sturdy shoes are a must - hiking boots are the best option, but sneakers work in a pinch - but save the water shoes/sandals for the water front only! Label all clothing with the scout’s name.  


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided daily. Please do not bring extra snacks or drinks. Food attracts wildlife to the tents so extra food presents a hazard and will be confiscated if found. Also scouts attending also have nut allergies; please do not put them at risk for a severe reaction. We will provide drinking water and Gatorade at the campsite. We suggest you give your son some money for the camp store where can buy snacks, craft supplies, and camp mementos. Twenty dollars should keep your son in slushies for the week.


A Family Brunch will be held from 9:30 – 10:15 AM on Saturday for parents and guests. Brunch tickets may be purchased during check-in on Sunday or prior to arrival at camp. More info regarding ticket prices. Immediately following breakfast, there will be a recognition ceremony prior to dismissal. If picking up, please plan to join the troop for the ceremony so we can recognize our scouts for the achievements while at camp. Awards ceremony typically ends by 11a.



Summer Camp Personal Equipment Checklist


Class A Uniform  (Shirt, neckerchief, slide, socks, belt)


Class B Uniforms (Scouting T Shirt, shorts, belt)


Long Sleeve Shirt








Swim Suit


Jacket or Sweatshirt


Hiking Boots




Aquatics Shoes (Optional)


Rain Gear (Jacket/Pants)


Hat or Cap (Important)


Shampoo and Soap


Toothbrush & Toothpaste



Bug Repellant, Sun Screen


Medication, if needed; in original med vial with enough meds 7 days


Camp Chair (Important for evening campfires!)


Spending Money for snacks, crafts at camp store


Day Pack


Photocopy of Health Form (Leaders will have)


Scout Handbook


Sleeping Bag/Blankets






Camp Chair


Insect Repellent


Nalgene Bottles


Flashlight and/or headlamp with extra batteries






Mosquito Netting (Poles, Duct Tape optional)




Hand Sanitizer


Advancement Materials




Book for summer reading for down time.


Optional: Camera, fishing pole

If you forget something, some items may be available at the trading post.

Mosquito Netting

We have found that mosquito netting is very important for sound sleep. It is available at the scout store in Milford and various other retail outlets. It may be hung via string over the scout’s cot, or may be draped over poles attached to the cot frame. To make the cot poles, simple take four 3 foot dowels and place empty water bottles or tennis balls  on one end (so the netting doesn't tear). These poles are then attached to the cot frame with some tape, and the netting is draped over them.    

Maybe more importantly, the following items are NOT allowed in camp:

·       Cell Phones. Scouts are not allowed to use cell phones in camp.

·       Electronic devices such as radios, video games, pocket televisions, laser pointers, etc.

·       Camouflage clothing

·       Clothing with inappropriate messages/illustrations

·       Open-toed shoes (except within the confines of the waterfront)

·       Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs

·       Fireworks

·       Aerosol cans/air horns

·       Bulk (over one quart) liquid fuel

·       Glass bottles

·       Sheath or survival-type knives

·       Firearms, including rifles, handguns, bows, blowguns, slingshots and crossbows  

·       Do not bring food to camp. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner is provided.

·       Scouts can purchase snacks, shirts, crafts, etc at the Camp Store. $20 for the week should be sufficient.


Most importantly, please bring your best attitude and be ready to have a lot of fun, it is going to be a great week in the woods!


Camp Address:  Camp Sequassen, BSA., 791 West Hill Road. New Hartford, CT 06057-4218

Telephones: The camp telephone is for emergency purposes and camp related business only. A local service telephone is located at the dining hall for the convenience of leaders and parents. Scouts may not use this phone unless an adult leader is present.

Camp Telephone: 860-379-2009 (for emergency use only) Camp Fax: 860-379-8977

We ask that scouts leave their cell phones and electronic devices home; all leaders will have cell phones in case of emergency.  


Leadership: This year, we have  TBD

The following information will be reviewed at the Troop Meeting on ...:


Thank you,

 Sandy Fillion

 Troop 428 Secretary
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