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Boy Scout Troop 428
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2018/2019 Troop Committee

Committee Chair- Peter Albrecht
Chartered Organization Representative - Ken Bjork

Advancement Chair - Laura Troidle
Eagle Scout Coordinator- Bing Miller
Outdoor Program Chair - Deborah Wynn
Fundraising Chair - John Wilkinson
Quartermaster- Mike Decaprio
Treasurer - Peter Albrecht
Secretary - Sandy Fillion
Training Chair - Deborah Wynn
Communications Chair - Judy Albrecht
Committe Member - Don Fillion 


Scoutmaster - Keith Spaar
Asst. Scoutmaster - Brendan Krom
Asst. Scoutmaster - Jay Sullivan

    Mandatory Youth Protection Training

    Mandatory Youth Protection Training

    The protection of our Youth is the most important responsibility of the Boy Scouts

    of America. Scouting must be a safe place for all youth members and leaders who

    participate. Our responsibility is to make certain that every youth in our program

    is afforded a safe and enjoyable experience while participating in our programs.

    In 2007, the Connecticut Yankee Council’s Executive Board enacted a policy

    mandating youth protection training for every leader in our council. The

    Connecticut Yankee Council and the Boy Scouts of America require all leaders to

    be youth protection trained. During this charter renewal period, please make sure

    your youth protection training is up to date. Youth protection training is valid for

    two years after completing the training.

    If you do not have current youth protection training when your unit’s charter is

    processed, you will be dropped from your unit’s roster. We have no wish to drop

    anyone; we only wish to ensure that all of our leaders are trained.

    If you need to take or update your training, Youth Protection training is available

    online at:



    You do not need your membership ID to take Youth Protection Training.

    However, to link your youth protection training with your name, you will need to

    input your membership ID number at the start of your session. If you do not have

    your membership ID number, you can find it on your membership card; on the

    roster from Internet Advancement; your Unit’s Key 3 can look it up for you

    through; or you can call our Council Service Center at (203) 876-

    6868 and we can look it up for you. As a backup when you have completed the

    training please print your certification as verification that you completed the

    course. If you were unable to link your ID please send in a copy of your certificate

    with your unit’s charter renewal or your new adult application.

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    15youthprotectiontraining.pdf 2015 Youth Protection Training Memo  

    Troop 428 Committee Meeting Minutes

    The following attached Troop Committee Meeting minutes are available for all parents to review. All parents are welcomed to to attend any Troop Committee Meetings scheduled on the 3rd Monday of each month at Tabor Community Arts Center at 7:00 pm.
    Icon File Name Comment  
    062011 Outdoor Update.pdf  
    1-2015 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    1-2016 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    1-2017 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    1-2018 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    10-2014 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    10-2016 TROOP 428 Minutes.pdf  
    10-2017 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    11-2015 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    11-2016 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    11-2017 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    12-2014 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    12-2015 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    12-2016 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    12-2017 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    12-2018 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    2-2015 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    2-2016 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    2-2017 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    2-2018 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    3-2015 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    3-2016 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    3-2017 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    3-2018 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    3-2019 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    4-2016 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    4-2017 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    4-2018 TROOP 428 Minutes.pdf  
    5-2016 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    6-2018 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    8-2015 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    8-2017 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx BSA Troop 428 Committee Meeting Minutes 2017-08  
    9-2014 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    9-2015 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    9-2016 TROOP 428 Minutes.docx  
    9-2018 TROOP 428 Minutes.pdf  
    BSA TROOP 428 1-10minutes.doc  
    BSA Troop 428 1-11 minutes.docx  
    BSA TROOP 428 10-10minutes.docx  
    BSA Troop 428 10-11 minutes.docx  
    BSA TROOP 428 11-10minutes.docx  
    BSA TROOP 428 12-10minutes.docx  
    BSA Troop 428 12-12 minutes.docx  
    BSA TROOP 428 2-10minutes.doc  
    BSA Troop 428 2-13 minutes.docx  
    BSA TROOP 428 3-10minutes.doc  
    BSA TROOP 428 4-10minutes.doc  
    BSA TROOP 428 5-10minutes.doc  
    BSA Troop 428 6-11 minutes.docx  
    BSA TROOP 428 7-10minutes.docx  
    BSA Troop 428 7-11 minutes.docx  
    BSA TROOP 428 9-10minutes.docx  
    BSA Troop 428 9-11 minutes.docx  
    BSA Troop 428 9-13 minutes.docx  
    Troop 428 Income and Expenses 2010-2011.pdf