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Pack 443 - Before you join

Cub Scouting is a year-round program.  Our Pack meets monthly during the months of August through May, and conduct at least one fun, outdoor Pack event during each of the summer months.  For example, we might have a Pack fishing day, bike rally, picnic, or overnight campout.  In addition, we encourage participation in the Day Camp and overnight family/resident camp offered by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) in our area.

Cub Scouts are organized into Dens by rank which is based on their grade in school.  Lions are Kindergartners.  Tiger Cubs are in first grade.  Wolf Scouts are in second grade.  Bear Scouts are in third grade.  Webelo Scouts are fourth and fifth grade.  Boys move up to Boys Scouts in the middle of their fifth grade year. 

Dens usually meet 2-3 times per month, with meeting locations determined by each Den.  Parents are required to attend all Tiger Cub functions.  Parents are encouraged to attend and participate in all Bear and Wolf Scout Den functions, as the boys still need a lot of help and support from their adult partner or "Akela" at this age.  We encourage more independence as the boys reach Webelos, but parents still play an active role in Den activities.  Once a month, the entire Pack gets together to present awards and recognition, enjoy skits and songs performed by the Scouts, and celebrate the Scouts' achievements.   All family members are encouraged to attend the monthly Pack meetings.  The Pack Meetings are the third Thursday of the month.

The cost of joining Cub Scouts is currently $33/year for registration with the BSA plus an additional $12/year if you choose to subscribe to Boys' Life Magazine.  Most Dens collect a nominal amount in Den dues at each meeting to pay for the materials and supplies for the Den meetings, approximately $2 to $3 each den meeting.  Since Pack 443 does not receive any funding from the BSA, we fund our Pack activities, awards, recognition and events with our annual Trail's End popcorn fundraiser.  In addition to helping support the Pack, the Scouts can also earn great prizes!  Some examples of the things we provide through the popcorn fundraiser are the annual Pack picnic, a Pack overnight camp out, Pinewood Derby cars and Rain Gutter Regatta boats for each Scout, all awards and recognition, a Halloween Fun event, and much more.

Parents must also purchase a Cub Scout uniform and handbook for all new Scouts from the Scout store located at 500 Double Eagle Court in Reno, NV.  Call them at (775) 787-1111 to check their hours before you go.  Pack 443 uses what we call a "from the belt up" uniform.  That means that Scouts can wear any neat, clean and presentable pants or shorts, shoes and socks with their Scout uniform, but everything from the belt up must be official BSA Cub Scout uniform.  This includes the belt, shirt, appropriate insignia, neckerchief, slide and hat.  Make sure you know your Den number, the Den rank (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos) and the Pack number (443) when you go to the store.  The helpful store employees will guide you through the process of selecting the right patches and other items.  Official BSA uniforms may also be purchased online at

To learn more about Cub Scouting, you can visit the Boy Scouts of America web site or the local Nevada Area Council web site.  You can register for Pack 443 at  You can also check our event schedule and get more information at

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