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 Troop History

Scouting in Lewisville has always been an important part of the community. From its earliest beginnings, as early as 1936, to the present day, the Boy Scouts of Lewisville have performed important community services. Also, the Scouts have provided a haven for boys, offering not only enjoyable activities, but also teaching valuable skills and helping boys to become better citizens. The Boy Scouts of Lewisville have always been a helpful and significant part of the community.


Scouting in Lewisville began in 1936, with the formation of Troop 50. Under the guidance of W.S. Felts, former Scoutmaster in Troop 45 of Pfafftown and with the support of various members of the community, such as Ms. Anna Ogburn and Frank Reynolds, the Troop was formed on October 27, 1936, with its first formal meeting on November 3 of that year. Meetings were generally held at the Troop Scout Hut, a cabin donated by Ms. Ogburn. About 10 scouts, among them Norman Bruce, Clyde Craft, Tommy Fulk and Sydney Moser, comprised the Troop, with Felts serving as Scoutmaster for two years until Fred Hauser became Scoutmaster in 1938. The Troop was very active, engaging in many hikes and overnight camping trips centering around the Scout Hut. Also, many boys attended Camp Lasater, predecessor of Camp Raven Knob, during the summer. The Troop disbanded in 1939, as most of the boys became more active in high school and consequently less active in Scouts. During that time the Life rank was the highest rank earned by a Scout.


Scouting in Lewisville experienced a resurgence in the 1940's with the formation of a new Troop in the spring of 1946. On March 2 of that year, Troop 52 was chartered under the sponsorship of the Lewisville Civic Club. W.S. Miller assumed the duty of Scoutmaster. Approximately 25 boys joined Troop 52, providing a strong base for the Troop to work. Membership in the Troop remained high, averaging around 20 boys, in the 40's and 50's, and Troop achievement was also significant during this period. Meetings were held weekly, generally at the Scout Hut,    



occasionally at the Lewisville Agricultural Building. At these meetings, lessons in many valuable scout skills, such as knot tying, camping, and cooking, were taught. Under the leadership and tutelage of Scoutmaster W.S. Miller, who was followed by William H-B Perry in 1951, then Francis McMordie in 1956, and along with a number of assistants and the instruction of many committee members, the Scouts of Troop 52 advanced in rank, receiving many merit badges and awards. During this period, the Lewisville Scouting effort produced its first three Eagle Scouts: Richard Reynolds, James Canter and Jack Kiger. Troop 52 also had some recipients of the God and Country award, among them Eddie Hauser and Martin Taylor. The Troop was active not only in advancement but also in community service and recreational activities. This period was one of the Lewisville Scouts' most active periods in community service. Many projects were planned and executed by Troop 52's Scouts and leaders. One of the most popular projects of the period was the paper drive, with collection in bins sponsored by the Troop. Also, the boys helped out in spring jobs for several years, including maintenance of the Scout Hut. General clean ups were held frequently, and the Troop helped out its sponsor organization, the Lewisville Civic Club, in various capacities. In addition to community service, many recreational activities were conducted during the 40's and 50's. Older scouts visited area businesses, such as J & S Printing and R.J.Reynolds and explored many post-secondary opportunities, including the armed forces and college-level education. Camping was enjoyed by all of the Scouts and was highlighted by competitive camporees, outings at Raven Knob and elsewhere, in which the Troop did quite well: several blue ribbons were won by the patrols, along with a number of Troop citations. Also, as early as 1955, the boys of Troop 52 went to summer camp at Raven Knob Scout Reservation, earning many merit badges and learning valuable skills. The Troop was very active in camping throughout the 40's and 50's. However, in 1958, with many boys aging out and the Troop becoming less active, Troop 52 did not recharter and disbanded shortly thereafter.


Happily, the Troop reformed and was rechartered in 1961. The number 7 was added to the 52 to identify the White Oak District of Old Hickory Council, and the Troop was chartered with II boys as new Scouts and Eugene Nupp as Scoutmaster. Around 25 boys were in the Troop at any given time during the 60's, and this was perhaps one of the Troop's most all-around active periods: in community service, in advancement and in activities. Strong leadership was provided by the Scoutmasters of the period, with Eugene Nupp serving for three years, Kenneth Scales assuming the role in 1964, James Wilson in 1965, I.L. Campbell in 1966 with Royce Turner serving for one year in 1967, W.R. Kepley in 1969, and Macy Hoyle and Thomas Pardue serving as Scoutmaster in 1970 and 1971, respectively. Ably assisted by a body of Assistant Scoutmasters along with a strong committee, these men lead the boys of the Troop in many activities. The Troop met weekly at the Scout Hut until 1962, then at the Lewisville Methodist Church through the rest of the 60's. Individual patrols conducted the weekly programs, usually teaching Scout skills or working towards completion of merit badges. Several individual awards and much advancement were earned during the 60's. Three boys received God and Country awards: Russ Wilson, Cary Hurtt, and Skip Wilson. Also, many boys received their Eagle awards, including Stephen Burton, Joseph Wilson, Ronnie Campbell, Dale Lackey, Robert Moser, Russ Wilson, Skip Wilson, Kenny Scales, Ray Miller, Eddie Simpson, Russell Wood and J.C. Scott. The Troop was also very active in camping and related activities during the 60's. Camporees and other competitive camping events at places such as Raven Knob and various private residences in the area were favorite activities, and the Troop did very well in these competitions, receiving several ribbons. The Troop also received the distinction of National Honor Unit several times. Hikes and local campouts were also frequent activities. The 60's were highlighted, however, by a hike on the Wilderness Road in Kentucky in 1963. The Troop hiked 20 miles in one day; this impressive achievement is representative of the Troop's Scouting spirit. The Scouts also regularly attended summer camp at Raven Knob. Troop 752 was very active in community service for Lewisville during the 60's, assisting in conservation projects, including anti-erosion projects in and around Lewisville and at several local lakes, semi-annual clean ups, and the annual Lewisville Volunteer Fire Department fund drive. The Troop also helped its sponsor, the Lewisville Civic Club, put on its annual Horse Show and directed traffic at various Civic Club events, as well as helping with vaccination days sponsored by the club. Throughout the 60's Troop 752 was extremely active in many areas.


At the end of 1971, Troop 752 was temporarily without a Scoutmaster, almost causing it to disband again. However, Mike Jones assumed the post of Scoutmaster in 1972. With Thomas Herman and Fred Leath as Assistants, the Troop chartered that year with 5 boys and quickly grew to 30. The Troop met weekly throughout the 70's and early 80's, in facilities provided by the Lewisville Civic Club, the Lewisville Civic Center. Mike Jones remained Scoutmaster through the 70's and early 80's, and with the assistance of many Assistant Scoutmasters, and the guidance of many Troop committee members, Troop 752 continued to be active. The Troop revived a favorite community service activity of the 50's, the paper drive, which became the main conservation project of the Troop during the 70's. Clean ups were frequent, and a glass drive was held. The Troop also continued to help in the Horse Show and the Fire Department fund drive. In addition to community service, much time was devoted to recreational activities. Summer camp became an important focus of Scout camping activities, with over half the Troop attending each summer. Canoeing, backpacking, and trips to the coast were very popular, particularly with the older Scouts. In spite of numerous outdoor activities and community involvement, the 70's and 80's were highlighted by Troop achievement and advancement. The Troop received several citations for participation in the Lewisville parade and several ribbons for displays at the Scout-O-Rama. Perhaps most amazing, however, is the number of scouts who received their Eagle Scout awards during this period, more than in any other period in the Troop's history. Among them were Bobby Kepley, Charles Mays, Kevin Edwards, Richard Joyce, David Luck, Robert Blair, Robert Joyce, Rusty Herman, Bryan Jones, Mike Blair, Greg Hampton, Jim Sparks, David McKee, Rusty Herman, David Kivett, Neill Shaw, Brian Edwards, Mike Hayes, Neil Dowell, Tony Porter, Andy Sparks, Chad Gough, Mike Rustad, Martin Richardson, Taylor Henning, and Gregg Joyce. Troop 752 has produced 37 Eagles out of approximately 300 Scouts over the years. These young men have helped make Troop 752 an active and growing Troop during the 70's and early 80's.

In 1990, after 18 years as Scoutmaster, Mike Jones passed the baton to Assistant Scoutmaster Richard Henning, but has continued to be active as Troop Committee Chairman and Charter Organizational Representative. As Scoutmaster, Richard Henning continued to provide excellent leadership along with the help of Assistant Scoutmasters Gary Hall and Tom Westmoreland for the next 15 years.  Richard provided a very active outdoor program of camping, backpacking, canoe trips and lake outings, which were always well attended by both scouts and adults.

In 2004, after 15 years as Scoutmaster, Richard Henning passed the baton to Assistant Scoutmaster Tom Westmoreland, but continued to serve as an Assistant Scoutmaster working with Life Scouts on their Eagle Scout projects. Since 2004 Scoutmaster Tom Westmoreland, with the help of Assistant Scoutmasters Greg Montgomery, Richard Henning, Gary Hall, Eric Kirkman, Cory Legard, Adrian Kuyler, Paul Wonsavage and a strong troop committee continued to provide excellent leadership along with a strong outdoor program.

In 2012, after 8 years as Scoutmaster, Tom Westmoreland passed the baton to Greg Montgomery but continued to be actively involved on the Troop Committee. As Scoutmaster, Greg Montgomery along with Assistant Scoutmasters Eric Kirkman, Adrian Kuyler, Chuck Brickner, and Cory Legard continue to provide excellent leadership and a very active outdoor program for the troop.

For the past several years, the troop has also maintained an excellent High Adventure Program under the leadership of Eagle Scout and Troop Committee High Adventure Coordinator David Kivett. Trips to Philmont Scout Ranch, Florida Seabase, sailing trips in the Bahamas, as well as trips to Maine, Canada, and Yellowstone have provided many great experiences for both scouts and scouters of Troop 752.

Hopefully, scouting in Troop 752 will continue for many years to come, providing training in responsible citizenship, physical and mental development, as well as character guidance to the youth of the Lewisville area.

A special debt of gratitude is owed by the Troop to the Lewisville Civic Club, its sponsor, who has stood by and provided strong support for Troop 752 since 1946. With the continued support of its sponsor, and the same excellent caliber of men and boys who have been involved with it in the past, Troop 752 will be able to serve the Lewisville community and provide training in responsible citizenship, physical and mental development, as well as character guidance to the youth of the Lewisville area.