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Boy Scout Troop 1048
(Collinsville, Illinois)
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Source - Troop Committee Guidebook 2013

Troop Committee Chair
  • Organize the committee to see that all functions are delegated, coordinated, and completed.
  • Maintain a close relationship with the Chartered Organization Representative and the Scoutmaster.
  • Interpret national and local policies to the troop.
  • Prepare troop committee meeting agendas.
  • Call, preside over, and promote attendance at monthly troop committee meetings and any special meetings that may be called.
  • Ensure troop representation at monthly roundtables.
  • Secure top-notch, trained individuals for camp leadership.
  • Arrange for charter review and recharter annually.
  • Plan the Charter presentation.

  • Keep minutes of meetings and send out committee meeting notices.
  • Handle publicity.
  • Prepare and share a family newsletter or Web page calender of troop events and activities. 
  • Conduct the Troop Resource Survey.
  • Plan for family night programs and family activities.
  • At each meeting, report the minutes of the previous meeting.

  • Handle all troop funds. Pay bills on recommendation of the Scoutmaster and authorization of the troop committee.
  • Maintain the troop's checking and savings accounts.
  • Train and supervise the troop Scribe in record keeping.
  • Keep adequate records in the Troop Record Book.
  • Supervise money-earning projects, including obtaining proper authorizations.
  • Supervise the camp savings plan.
  • Lead in the preparation of the troop's annual program budget.
  • Report to the troop committee at each meeting.

Advancement Chair
  • Encourage Scouts to advance in rank.
  • Work with the troop Scribe to maintain all Scout advancement records.
  • Arrange quarterly troop boards of review and courts of honor.
  • Develop and maintain a merit badge counselor list.
  • Make a prompt report on the correct form to the council service center when a troop board of review is held. Secure badges and certificates.
  • Work with the troop librarian to build and maintain a troop library of merit badge pamphlets and other advancement literature.
  • Report to the troop committee at each meeting.

Outdoor/Activities Coordinator

  • Help in securing permission to use camping sites.
  • Serve as transportation coordinator.
  • Ensure a monthly outdoor program.
  • Promote the National Camping Award.
  • Promote, through family meetings, attendance at troop campouts, camporees, and summer camp to reach the goal of an outing per month.
  • Secure a tour and activity plan for all troop activities.
  • Report to the troop committee at each meeting.

  • Provide a spiritual tone for troop meetings and activities.
  • Give guidance to the Chaplain aide.
  • Promote regular participation of each member in the activities of the religious organization of his choice.
  • Visit homes of Scouts in time of sickness or need.
  • Give spiritual counseling service when needed or requested.
  • Encourage Boy Scouts to earn their appropriate religious emblems.
  • Report to the troop committee at each meeting.
  • Plan Scout Sunday ceremony.

Training Coordinator
  • Ensure troop leaders and committee members have opportunities for training.
  • Maintain an inventory of up-to-date training materials, videos, and other training resources. (Most if not all training is now on line at
  • Work with the district training team in scheduling Fast Start training for all new leaders.
  • Be responsible for BSA Youth Protection training within the troop. (The New a new section of, pools every troop leaders training history into one section for only the Key three to view.)(The Key Three are: 1. Charter Representative, 2. Committee Chair, and 3. Scoutmaster)
  • Encourage periodic youth leader training within the troop and at the council and national levels.
  • Report to the troop committee at each meeting.
  • Be watchful that the troop is taking all steps to ensure the boys' safety.
  • Coordinate with the council Youth Protection designee/chair or Scout executive to launch all Youth Protection initiatives (e.g., Cyber Chip)
  • Communicate to parents the importance of becoming a registered member of the BSA, taking Youth Protection training, and understanding Youth Protection policies.
  • Trumpet "Youth Protection Begins With You" and the importance of parental involvement and participation in vigilance to help keep all youth safe from abuse and harm.

Equipment Coordinator
  • Supervise and help the troop procure camping equipment.
  • Work with the quartermaster on inventory and proper storage and maintenance of all troop equipment.
  • Make periodic safety checks on all troop camping gear, and encourage troops in the safe use of all outdoor equipment.
  • Report to the troop committee at each meeting.

Membership Coordinator
  • Develop a plan for year-round membership flow into the troop.
  • Work closely with the Cubmaster and Webelos den leader of neighboring Cub Scout packs to provide a smooth transition from pack to troop. Assist in developing and recruiting den chiefs, and assist in the graduation ceremony from Webelos Scouts to Boy Scouts.
  • Plan and coordinate a troop open house to invite non-Scouts into the troop.
  • Encourage Scouts to invite their Friends to join the troop.
  • Keep track of Scouts who drop out of the troop, and develop a plan to encourage them to rejoin.

New Scout Parent Unit Coordinator
  • Welcome all new Scout parents and provide them with information about the troop.
  • Provide an orientation for new Scout parents about how the troop works.
  • Assign parents to help with at least one specific task, assignment, or project annually.
  • Keep parents updated on the troop's program and their son's involvement.
  • Encourage parents to become registered members of the BSA and to take Youth Protection training.

Unit Religious Emblems Coordinator
  • Serve as a member of the unit committee
  • Acquaint all youth members with the BSA religious emblems program and the emblems available from their faith group, and encourage them to earn the religious emblem(s) of their faith.
  • Provide Scout families and clergy with an orientation to the religious emblems program and encourage their involvement.
  • Circulate information to the unit's Scouts and Scouters about any district or council religious emblems activities, retreats, camps, etc.
  • Promote religious emblems usage much like the BSA promotes other youth advancement related emblems.
  • Coordinate the establishment of goals and track the number of religious emblems completed each year.
  • Serve as the unit's liaison to the district religious emblems coordinator.

Order of the Arrow Troop Representative Advisor
  • Assists the OA troop representative so that he might succeed in his role as the communication and programmatic link between the unit and the lodge or chapter.
  • Ensures the Order of the Arrow ideals and activities are part of the unit's program.
  • Sets a good example and enhances the image of the Order as a service arm to the unit.
  • Supports the youth, helping him to fully understand the needs of the unit and the elements of the lodge and chapter structure that are responsible for support to the unit.
  • Promotes the incorporation of OA ideals into the advancement program of the unit, in unit leader conferences, boards of review, and courts of honor.
  • Promotes recognition of members who have completed their Ordeal, achieved Brotherhood, or been inducted into Vigil Honor membership within the unit.
  • Helps explain and promote the value and benefits of Order of the Arrow elections, induction, and membership to youth members, parents, and adults in the troop as a significant component of the Scouting experience.
  • Attends lodge and chapter meetings with the youth he or she advises.
  • Ensures that the youth representative has the necessary transportation to get to and from Order of the Arrow activities.
  • Helps the lodge, chapter, and extended Elangomat (friend) in ensuring that messages and documents regarding the achievement of Brotherhood reach Ordeal members in the troop, and works with the OA youth representative to add their impact.
  • Participates actively in the troop calendar planning process to help minimize overlap between full chapter or lodge events and troop program.
  • Assists the OA youth representative in providing feedback to the lodge or chapter the reaction of the unit and its OA members to the success of the OA programs which affect the unit, including Ordeals, unit elections, callouts, camp promotions visits, meetings, and service projects.
  • Sets a good example and lives by the Scout Oath, Scout Law and OA Obligation.
  • Enthusiastically wears the Scout uniform correctly.
  • Shows Scout spirit.
  • This individual can be an assistant Scoutmaster at least 21 years old and an Order of the Arrow member in good standing who is appointed by the Scoutmaster with the unit committee chairman's approval. This advisor reports to the Scoutmaster and works with the chapter or lodge leader to coordinate the efforts of Order of the Arrow troop representatives.