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Communication is Key: Scoutlander Basics

Communication is important!! 

Our district's website is at This address gets you to the PUBLIC SITE, where you will find the publicly available pages for our  general resources. Once you have an account, you can log in to see the PRIVATE SITE from here.

To access our PRIVATE SITE, which contains information and photos only district members can see as well as the system for emailing, you need an invitation and a password. Everyone should already have gotten the invitation. You will have 5 days to accept the invitation. If you need a new invitation, email the site administrator Michelle McCown. Use the invitation to get to Scoutlander and log on. Tell it you want to stay logged on. Then, put your password in a safe place and forget about it. Thereafter, you can just go to and select your site, which will be appear as "CS Pack 99 Website (Pensacola, Florida)" You no longer need to use the longer address and enter the password, as long as you stay logged in.

If you would like notices and reminders to go to a second email account for the same person, you can add it in My Profile (see below). If you would like to add an additional adult, email the site administrator with the name and email address and ask for an invitation. It is always good to have all of the adult volunteers for a troop included in the Scoutlander system, if possible.

                                                                         My Profile

Next, check your profile using the My Profile feature (see left sidebar). After selecting it you should see your name. Click Edit Profile in the upper right corner. Update it with your primary leadership role and additional roles. You can add a second email address if you have more than one. In the additional roles box, be sure to list your school first followed by troop number, other positions, etc.

Scroll down and you see Phone and Address. Fill in the information to share with the group. No scouts are to be selected or added. This site is for adult volunteers only. You can create a site for your own troop, though. Scroll all the way down to specify My Groups.  Select specific school, grade level, etc. When you are finished, click Save at the bottom right corner.


                                                                              Event Calendar

The Event Calendar is your gateway to life in Pack 99. Everything and anything to do with what is going on with our Pack will be on the Event Calendar. When you open the link on the Event Calendar this will provide you with more information and links.