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Welcome Volunteers!

Girl Scouts is the world’s preeminent organization dedicated solely to girls – where, in an accepting and nurturing environment, girls build character and skills for success in the real world. In partnership with committed adult volunteers, girls develop qualities that will serve them all their lives, like leadership, strong values, social conscience and conviction about their own potential and self-worth.

As a Girl Scout volunteer, you use your unique talents to bring about change — for girls, and in turn, for society. We’re calling on all members of society to help girls reach their full potential.

Girl Scout volunteers are part of a movement of nearly one million other volunteers helping girls make a lasting impact on the world. Your interests and life experiences make you the perfect person to be a new kind of role model for girls, someone who creates a safe environment where girls work together and every girl feels free to work toward her highest aspirations.

Our volunteers prime each Girl Scout for the day when she’ll lead — however she chooses, be it in her family, school, workplace, community, nation, or the world.

Thank you for investing in our girls!

Become a Volunteer


Make a difference in a girl's life. Become a Girl Scout volunteer!

Girl Scout volunteers are a diverse group of women and men -- including retirees, recent college grads, parents, Girl Scout alumnae, and more   -- whose expertise, skills, interests, and life experiences nurture each girl's individuality and leadership qualities.

Today more than ever, girls need trusted adult role models to relate to as they journey into adulthood.  In helping girls grow, you realize how much you can do to make a positive difference in a girl’s life.


New to Girl Scouts?  

Submit a Volunteer Interest form by mail or email.

Already spoken to a Girl Scout representative? 

Complete the Volunteer Application

Register as a Girl Scout member. Though suggested for all, some volunteers are required to become Girl Scout members and accept the Girl Scout Promise & Law.

Now all you need to do is take advantage of all the comprehensive and fun training that GSGLA provides. New Girl Scout volunteers serving in leadership roles (leader, co-leader, etc.) have three months to complete required training*. The following training sequence is recommended.

Already An Approved Leader?

If you are a new leader here are some resources that may provide you additional support. See the "In This Section" navigation to the right and familiarize yourself with the resources, such as Volunteer Essentials to help you along. Other courses may be required depending on your Pathway.

Click here for : Topics and Traditions

VOLUNTEERS... As a Girl Scout Volunteer you will have the opportunity to:
  • Grow and develop personally and professionally
  • Serve as a role model for girls
  • Share your knowledge, experience and skills
  • Help girls realize their potential
  • Translate your beliefs into action
  • Make new friends
  • Learn marketable skills to add to your resume
  • Be part of a team


  • `*.¸.*´
    ¸.• ´
    A Girl Scout Leader is Someone Who...

    ? Tries to listen to 10 little girls' conversations all at the same time.
    ? Wakes up in the middle of the night worrying about the girls who weren't at the last meeting.
    ? Calls 5 mothers about the one galosh that was left at the meeting place.
    ? Finds that cookies, Kool-Aid, and kind words will help solve most any girl's problems.
    ? Attends hours of training and how-to sessions only to discover that the meaning of Girl Scouts is at the bottom of her own heart.
    ? Remembers to bring insect repellent.
    ? Says "Yes, I'll do it!" when it should be "No, no, a thousand times no!"
    ? Gets a warning ticket from the State Patrol with a station wagon full of very quiet girls.
    ? Is a friend to the friendless and a foe only to big brothers who throw rocks.
    ? Breathes deeply of the wonderful silence after they all go home but looks forward to the meeting next week.
    ? Sings "Kookaburra" in the shower.
    ? Knows that the secret of eternal youth is not at the cosmetic counter but in meeting with it every week.
    ? Gives and gives and gives and gets: sticky kisses, shy hugs, sly winks, and not much later, wedding invitations and baby announcements.

  • (¯`v´¯)
    ¸.• ´
    Volunteers... God Bless Them!

¸.• ´
Because you said "Yes":

    • a young girl will feel the pride of being someone special as she carefully puts on her uniform for the very first time.
    • a girl can move to a new town and have "instant friendships" with girls she might never have met.
    • parents will experience that special pride when they listen to their daughter say the Girl scout Promise for the first time.
    • bright eyes will become a little brighter with excitement as the kindling finally catches on the first campfire.
    • nervous giggles will emit from tents as girls try to fall asleep their first night of camp.
    • the community, and the world will be richer because a girl has learned the importance of caring for her environment, and the warm feeling that comes from giving service to someone less fortunate than herself.
    • a parent will find a gold trefoil carefully tucked away in a drawer as their daughter packs to leave home for her first adventures as a young adult.
    • a young woman will contact the Girl Scouts one day and say, "I had so much fun when I was a Girl Scout, I'd like to try being a Leader."

    And the circle will continue... because you said, "YES"


    ¸.• ´

    Because of you
    she makes a Promise
    and keeps it.

    Because of you
    she learns a Law
    and lives it.

    Because of you
    she goes into the world
    and changes it.

    Because of you
    The Girl Scout Volunteer.


    ¸.• ´

    Volunteering means saying "Yes"
    When others all say "No"
    It means giving of your best
    Of Heart, Mind, and Soul.

    Thank You for your willing heart,
    Your strong and helping hands,
    That keep us from falling apart
    In all that life demands.

    Thank you for your agile mind,
    Your quick wit and gentle laugh
    Your words both soft and kind
    That help us on our path.

    The road we chose is often rough
    But Friendship smoothes the way
    This small token is not enough
    Your kindness to repay.



    ¸.• ´

    It's not for money:  it's not for fame.
    It's not for only personal gain.
    It's just for love of fellowmen.
    It's just to lend a helping hand.
    It's just to give a little self.
    That's something you can't buy with wealth.
    It's not for medals, worn with pride.
    It's just for the feeling deep inside.
    It's that reward deep in your heart.
    It's feeling that you've been a part
        of helping others far and near.
    That makes you... A volunteer

    "Volunteers give time today to make life better tomorrow."


    Choose to live a life that matters...


    ¸.• ´
    Poem by Foley

  • Show me a person who spends endless hours in training without pay,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

  • Show me a person where a cry for help brings split-second dispatch,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

    Show me a person who is devastated when lives are lost or maimed,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

    Show me a person who is graciously welcomed as a next-door neighbor,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

    Show me a person who takes ridicule more than compliments,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

    Show me a person whose car is garaged with the grille facing out,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

    Show me a person who sacrifices homelife, TV... even tender moments,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

    Show me a person visibly moved at the strains of our National Anthem,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

    Show me a person who may be asked to give more than just dedication,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.

    Show me a person who is asked to give more... and more... and more,
    And, I'll show you a volunteer.


    ¸.• ´

    I promise to keep my volunteer hours in check,
    to keep my spirit and my family first and,
    to make sure I ask for help when I start to feel overwhelmed.

    I vow to compare myself to no one -
    my time and contributions are my own special gift and,
    to feel proud that I can do what I do.

    I vow to compare no one to myself,
    to recognize everyone gives their best of their time and abilities,
    to always remember it is the pieces that make the whole.

    I pledge to accept less than perfect,
    to always remember I am a volunteer and,
    to celebrate the joy in making a difference.


    ¸.• ´
    by Mimi Murray, National Operational Volunteer, GSUSA

    Because the girl has a need, We have an obligation.
    Because the girl has a choice, We must be her better choice.
    Because the girl has high expectations, We must excel.

    Because the girl wants to explore, We must be her guide.
    Because the girl wants to belong, We must open our arms.
    Because the girl is searching for direction, We must be her compass.
    Because the girl encounters times of turmoil, We must be her safe haven.
    Because the girl is tomorrow's woman, We must care today.
    Because of the girl… We exist.


    ¸.• ´
    I'm not a Scouting leader for the easy hours, high pay, parents' gratitude, power or prestige. I'm a leader because I want the world for your child and mine - a world they can share and help shape; a world of love and laughter, where they can show compassion.

    I want them to look at the stars, a sunrise, a sunset, the work and world of mankind - and feel its beauty inside of themselves. I want to help them learn to finish anything they start and do it well, and to guide them to know their worth with a deeper understanding of themselves.

    I want to help shape adults who have strength of character and are sensitive to the needs of others. I want them to be the best they can be. I'm giving of myself and my time. I reap rewards far beyond what I give. I receive for my children, your children, and future children a better world.

    How much is a Scout leader paid, I hear you ask; my wage consists of smiles and laughter, observing a child's growing self confidence and the look of personal triumph on the face of a child who has achieved more than they thought they could.

    Anyone who can teach me or show me a better way to do this job, anyone who gives of their time to help me become a better leader, and anyone who by action or deed makes the Scouting program come alive will forever have my undying gratitude.

    I am a Scouting Leader because I care.


    ¸.• ´
    (.¸.•¸¸.•¨¯`•.¸.•*¨•.¸.•´`•¸¸.•¨¯`•... 10713 Troop Leaders!!!






Volunteer Essentials

Here is a Volunteer Essentials (click to download) reference guide to use as needed. It includes information about starting a troop, important safety reminders (Chapter 4; Safety-Wise), and managing troop finances, and provides an overview of Girl Scouting!

Volunteer Essentials also includes a Quick-Start Guide that provides an overview of everything you need to know to plan your first meeting with girls.

This handy and valuable reference is available for download on our website.

Safety Activity Checkpoints

Safety Activity Checkpoints go hand in hand with Volunteer Essentials. The checkpoints help you ensure the safety of your girls as you do activities throughout your Girl Scout adventure. The checkpoints are formatted as checklists, so that you, your co-volunteers, and the girls can go through and check off that each step has been followed.

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Safety Activity Checkpoints

Additional Resources